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Bio-Degradable Areca Leaf Plate Manufacturers

Shree Annapoorna Enterprises involved in the Bio Degradable Areca Leaf Plate Manufacturers in Karnataka. We have a motive of promoting the Eco-friendly environment in the way of implementing and preserving Mother Nature. We produce and distribute worldwide the Eco-friendly Areca Leaf products, which will change the habit of using products made out of non-degradable materials. 

Our environment friendly Areca Leaf Plates are non-toxic, biodegradable, durable , lightweight, compo-stable, convenient and downright stylish. Palm leaf plates are the best alternatives to any other disposable plates in following occasion and places. Like Wedding Parties, Family Get Together, corporate meetings, Picnics, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Bakeries, food parcel packaging, all religious functions, and festivals.

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